A brief history............

What happens when there is never enough time to indulge your ever growing passion for plants?
Something had to be done and the decision was made! With the unweilding support of my wife and children the house was on the market and the search for a suitable nursery site had begun. During this period my parents also took the bold decision to join forces in the madness and it was at this point that hope became reality and with their support the property search widened.
After what seemed like an eternity we finally moved to Jersey Cottage in the early spring of 2009. The 3 acre site was a total blank canvas other than a healthy collection of elder, thistles and nettles etc! The development of the nursery and garden commenced in late spring of 2009 and by autumn had become a full time occupation, having left my previous employment. 




(Sep 2009 after clearing part of the site)



(May 2012 showing the same area as above)

The nursery opened to its first customers in the spring of 2012.
Along the way the help of friends and family has been incredible. To all of you I express my sincere thanks and gratitude.

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